Buying airline tickets

As expected ordering airline tickets are an important part of our trip. Finding the right tickets was not a simple task and we spent hours and hours looking for them. Even though we found the right tickets, at last, it wasn’t easy. At the beginning of our project, we were not sure about our schedule so we couldn’t just order the airline tickets immediately.

First, we had to decide what we wanted to do in Japan and when it is possible to do it. After that, we started looking the flights. It was hard to decide between direct flight and flight with a stopover. Flight with stopover would have been a lot cheaper but it would have been much longer flight. We decided to buy the flights with stopover in Doha. We gathered in Eero’s home to buy the tickets but after all, we didn’t buy them. Still, that evening wasn’t useless because we updated our website and we went to the sauna. Next day we went to Lauri’s home and try if we could buy the tickets this time. There we notice that the flight we were looking had only one-hour connecting time in Doha to our second flight and we thought that it was too short time. We tried to find other better flight and we had to take the direct flight that was more expensive. Next day Lauri’s dad bought the tickets to Nagoya and we finally had ordered the tickets and we didn’t have to think about them anymore. In the end, our flight went from 12.4. to 13.4.

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